Online Bill Payment

Authorization to discuss your account

To discuss any details of your account with anyone other than the owner of the account (You) we need your approval.

Please press the button below to obtain the proper form granting your authorization.  Thank you.

Online Bill Payment            


To pay online requires  a secure PIN for your account.  If you have been assigned a PIN please proceed.


 To register for your PIN please provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Account Number

  • Service Address

  • Home Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Cell Phone

  • E-Mail Address

With the On-Line Payment App you can use the following methods of payment

  • Credit Card

  • e-check

  • Debit Card

You can call our office at 860-489-4149 or send an email to


An easy way to enter the list of items we need is to copy the list from here and paste it into the email.


If this is your first use of linking to 'custserv' from our site you need to setup the link by providing your e-mail address and the password for your e-mail service.

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