The Torrington Water Company will conduct main flushing from May 2, 2022 through May 20, 2022.  All customers may experience periods of low pressure, and/or discolored water while the flushing takes place.   If your water is discolored, please let the cold water run for 10 – 15 minutes until the water clears.  The work will be scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day in the following principal areas.  Other areas may be affected at various times.


May 2         The area bounded by Main St., Winsted Rd., Route 8, Winthrop St.  Also Squire Hill.


May 3           Winsted Rd. and the area bounded by Main St., Winthrop

                        St., East Main St., and Ryan Terr.  Also, the Hillside Ave.,

                        Patterson St. area.  Also Squire Hill.


May 4         The area bounded by High St., Main St., Millard St., and  Water St.


May 5         The area West of High St., between Spring St., and Litchfield  St.


May 6          The area bounded by Litchfield St., Harwinton Ave., King St.,

                        and Walnut St.


May 9 &       The area West of High St., between Rte. 272 and Rte. 202

May 10         including Country Woods, Stillwater, Greenbriar, Highland

                        Ave., and Weed Rd.


May 11 &      The area bounded by Route 8, Torringford West St., Kennedy

May 12          Dr., and Clearview Ave., including Doolittle Heights and

                        Mountain Ridge.


May 13 &         The area bounded by Torringford West St., Torringford St.,

May 14           Harwinton Town Line, and Winchester Town Line including Fairways and Larkspur.


May 17 &         The area bounded by Torringford East St., including

May 18             Harwinton Town Line & Burlington Town Line to Lyon Road.


May 19 &        The area bounded by Torringford St., Torringford East St.,

May 20            Harwinton Town Line and Winchester Town Line.  Winsted Rd from the Parkade to Pinewoods Rd.