The Torrington Water Company will conduct main flushing from September 20, 2021 through October 8, 2021.  All customers may experience periods of low pressure, and/or discolored water while the flushing takes place.   If your water is discolored, please let the cold water run for 10 – 15 minutes until the water clears.  The work will be scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day in the following principal areas.  Other areas may be affected at various times.


Sept. 20           The area bounded by Main St., Winsted Rd., Route 8, Winthrop St.  Also Squire Hill.


Sept 21            Winsted Rd. and the area bounded by Main St., Winthrop

                        St., East Main St., and Ryan Terr.  Also, the Hillside Ave.,

                        Patterson St. area.  Also Squire Hill.


Sept 22            The area bounded by High St., Main St., Millard St., and  Water St.


Sept 23            The area West of High St., between Spring St., and Litchfield  St.


Sept 24            The area bounded by Litchfield St., Harwinton Ave., King St.,

                        and Walnut St.


Sept 27 &        The area West of High St., between Rte. 272 and Rte. 202

Sept 28            including Country Woods, Stillwater, Greenbriar, Highland

                        Ave., and Weed Rd.


Sept 29 &        The area bounded by Route 8, Torringford West St., Kennedy

Sept 30            Dr., and Clearview Ave., including Doolittle Heights and

                        Mountain Ridge.


Oct 1 &           The area bounded by Torringford West St., Torringford St.,

Oct 4              Harwinton Town Line, and Winchester Town Line including Fairways and Larkspur.


Oct 5 &          The area bounded by Torringford East St., including

Oct 6               Harwinton Town Line & Burlington Town Line to Lyon Road.


Oct 7 &           The area bounded by Torringford St., Torringford East St.,

Oct 8               Harwinton Town Line and Winchester Town Line.  Winsted Rd from the Parkade to Pinewoods Rd.