Some questions customers have asked:

Q: How do I open an account?

A: To turn on water service, please call our office 860-489-4149. Please have the following information available:

  • Service address and billing address (if different)

  • Name(s) to appear on the account

  • Telephone number(s)

  • The date you want service to begin. (No weekends or holidays)

  • Whether you are buying or renting the property

  • If you are renting, please complete an Application for Water Utility Services Form.

Bills for residential customers are issued on a quarterly basis. Your first bill may be prorated depending on when you moved into your property.

Q: How do I close my account?

A: To close an account, please contact our office at 860-489-4149. Please provide the following information:

  • Your account number or service address

  • The date service should be taken out of your name

  • Phone number of attorney conducting the closing for the property

  • Your new mailing address

  • A current daytime phone number

Our Field Service representative will be at the service address on the date requested to take a reading. If they have to meet you there, an appointment time will be set up.

A final bill will be faxed or emailed to your attorney to be settled at closing. If the closing has already taken place, the final bill will be mailed to your new address.

Q: How often do you bill?

A: All Torrington Water customers are billed every three months.

Q: Why is my water bill higher than I expected?

A: Quite often higher bills are the result of increased water usage. Adding water using appliances, i.e. a washer or dishwasher, watering a new lawn, filling a swimming pool or using an irrigation system can increase your water usage significantly. It may also be from a change in the size of the household.

If you have not had any water usage changes of this nature, then you should check your property for leaks. See our Finding Leaks Fact Sheet for information on how to find a leak and an explanation of how much water is wasted by leaks.

If you have questions about your bill or water usage, please call our office at 860-489-4149.

Q: Can you give me some tips to save on my water bill?

A: Check out our Water Conservation Fact Sheet dedicated to indoor and outdoor water conservation. There you will find tips on how you can save water in and outside your home.

Q: What is an ‘estimated’ bill?

A: Occasionally a bill is estimated when we have not been able to get an actual meter reading. There are several reasons why your bill may be estimated:

  • Your meter pit may be blocked or covered

  • The meter may be damaged and therefore no reading is being recorded

  • Possible failure of the meter reading equipment

If the meter reader left behind a meter reading card because we were not able to gain access to the meter, please call us to set up an appointment to gain access to the meter.

Please make sure the area near your meter pit or the outside meter reading device is clear of debris and vegetation.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: You can pay your bill several ways:

  • Pay your bill online with a debit or credit card (MasterCard or Visa)

  • Pay your bill online through your checking account.

  • Pay in person at our office. (277 Norfolk Road, Torrington, CT).

  • Pay your bill at our alternate payment station Torrington Savings Bank, 215 Dibble Street, Torrington (drop box in lobby – checks only)

  • Pay by mail with a personal check in the envelope provided with your bill. (our mailing address is The Torrington Water Company, PO Box 867, Torrington, CT 06790. Please remember to write your account number on the check and include your bill payment stub to ensure your payment is applied to the correct account.