The Torrington Water Company has implemented e-Billing as a service to our customers.  e-Billing provides a safe and accurate method of delivering your water bill.  Additionally, it serves as a more eco-friendly method, saving on paper, as well as postage. e-Billing is also a way for us to control costs.  In this way it works with other cost saving measures slowing the increase in our water rates.


Electronic Signatures Disclosure
This notice is being provided to you in accordance with the  Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce  Act.

  • You are electing to receive an electronic record of your bill and consent to the receipt of confirmation of your authorization and any notices required for any payment in electronic form. 

  • Please retain this notice for your records.  You may wish to print a hardcopy of this consent authorization.

  • You may withdraw your consent to paperless billing at any time by contacting our office. You must allow a sufficient amount of time for processing the cancellation request.  This agreement and your authorization for paperless billing shall remain in effect until revoked by yourself or by The Torrington Water Company.

To use the convenience of e-billing, it is necessary that you email us at the following information:

  • Name

  • Account Number

  • Service Address

  • Home phone

  • Work phone

  • Cell phone

  • e-mail address

Please state "I agree" somewhere in email which is your electronic signature that you agree to receiving your bill by e-mail.


If this is your first use of linking to 'custserv' from our site you need to setup the link by providing your e-mail address and the password for your e-mail service.


An easy way to enter the list of items we need is to copy the list from here and paste it into the email.