Water Infrastructure & Conservation Adjustment

The Torrington Water Company is committed to supplying you with the highest quality water which meets the needs of our current customers while protecting systems and resources for future generations. Replacing aging infrastructure is part of that commitment. Investing in infrastructure replacement now is the right thing to do. The replacement of hydrants, valves, leak detection equipment, meters and aging water pipes in the water distribution system allows for greater system reliability and service to our customers.  
In deciding which projects to undertake each year, we look at the age and condition of the pipes, frequency of main breaks, leakage and lost water, history of water quality complaints and needs for improved fire protection. We will also consider the timing of municipal projects to see if there are opportunities for savings by coordinating the work with the local communities.

The following explains more about WICA:

The Connecticut Legislature approved the surcharge bill called WICA (Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment) in 2007 to cover the replacement of water distribution system pipes and related infrastructure that have either reached the end of their useful life, or are negatively affecting water quality or service reliability. The legislation limits the surcharge to 5% in any given year, and 10% between full rate cases. For increases beyond these amounts, water companies must submit full applications for a formal rate case.

What are the benefits of WICA?

The benefits of WICA to our customers are two-fold. First, you will see timelier, smaller increases to your water bill than you have experienced in the past. Second, you will benefit from enhanced quality and reliability, because improving our infrastructure enables us to improve our service and delivery.

How does WICA work?

The current WICA surcharge is 3.57% effective April 1, 2020. The WICA
surcharge percentage is applied to the total current service and usage charge on
your water bill and included in the total amount due. For example, a typical
residential customer who uses an average of 18,000 gallons per quarter and is
billed $131.43 per quarter will see a surcharge of about $4.69 (3.57%) per
quarter, or $1.57 per month. WICA may change during the year depending on
infrastructure improvements and approval by Connecticut’s Public Utilities
Regulatory Authority.
Please feel free to call at (860) 489-4149 if you have any questions on the WICA charge or if we can assist you regarding your water service.

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